Summer Wedding Favorites in McAllen Texas

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In the embrace of a sun-kissed summer day, a blooming Wedding Tale began for the Somosots. The air, alive with the melody of chirping birds and the sweet scent of blooms, set the perfect stage for a love-filled celebration. Join us on a stroll through the sunlit landscape, where every step unfolds a chapter in their story.



Before the Wedding..
The collaboration between a Bride and her florist is a process that will forever be Treasured. The Bride, with dreams blooming in her mind like a garden awaiting its full splendor, embarked on a floral journey with her chosen Wedding florist here at Tresor Bouquets. Together we navigated a palette of colors, explored textures, vessel options, and sought out blooms that encompass the essence of her special day. Turning the Bride's vision into a breathtaking reality. 

Wedding Day
It's officially Wedding Day and the anticipation that two souls would soon intertwine is carried throughout the air. Quinta Mazatlan was transformed into a vibrant garden of dreams by our talented team and florals adorned every corner. 

The Ceremony
In Quinta Mazatlan's open lawn were white chairs arranged in preparation for the Ceremony. Lush and colorful aisle markers were placed on both sides of the aisles. The Bride would then walk down an aisle full of color in this beautiful Venue in Mcallen Texas. These vibrant and lively arrangements are carefully crafted to harmonize towards the chairs as if reaching towards the lovely guests.

Petals cones are then meticulously placed on the chairs closest to the aisle to allow guests to throw colorful rose petals towards the Bride and Groom. These cones of petals created a one of a kind experience for the guests and the happy couple as they walk down an aisle of colorful petals.

Beneath the enchanting embrace of a floral open arch, two hearts synchronized with the blooming beauty that surrounded them. With each flower carefully chosen and artfully arranged, the arch was draped with an array of blossoms and stood as a testament to the vibrancy of their love. With each spoken word, petals seemed to dance in celebration. The openness of the floral arch mirrored the couple's hearts, wide open to the promise of a shared future. 


The Reception
Daylight gracefully gave way to the warm glow of the summer evening. The reception unfolded into a tapestry of joy and togetherness. The clinking of glasses resonated through the air, accompanied by laughter and conversation that echoed the love shared by the Bride and Groom. 


Each guest's table blossomed with a colorful floral centerpiece. Petals delicately cascading and blowing with the wind created a fragrant focal point where the beauty of nature intertwined with the celebration of love. These centerpieces were repurposed and redesigned from the aisle marker arrangements, adding a seamless touch of continuity to the Wedding fresh decor. 

As conversations flowed, the floral arrangements stood as silent witnesses to the joyous moments shared.

Our team transformed the sweetheart table into a garden of enchantment. The same blooms in the arch where the couple shared their vows were repurposed for their sweetheart centerpiece arrangment, creating a unified theme that flowed through the entire Wedding.


Every bloom held a promise. Surrounded by family and friends, laughter echoed through the air, creating an atmosphere of pure joy for all to enjoy.

As the sun bid its final farewell to the warm embrace of summer, nature itself decided to join in the celebration of love by sending an abundance of rain. As raindrops danced on petals throughout the night, this created a poetic ending to a blooming Summer Wedding tale, creating memories to be Treasured for a lifetime. 


Venue: Quinta Mazatlan in Mcallen, Texas

Photographer: Steph Rios Photography

Flowers: Tresor Bouquets

Officiant: Wedding Bliss Officiants

The Somosots are also featured in Valley Wedding Pages Magazine Publication

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